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Fast and Sustainable

Fat Loss

You want to lose fat, get toned and feel confident in your body again.
Proven and Effective

Muscle Gain

Advanced training program tailored to your fitness goals.


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Fat Loss Blueprint

Our flagship program designed to lose weight quickly and sustainably to amplify your confidence. Never worry about what you're wearing about how you look again. This is done through high powered habit formation, easy to understand nutrition and a bespoke, easy to follow program that is adjusted to your level to maximise the chances of your success to becoming lean or toned.

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Bespoke Program

This service focusses on giving you a completely custom personal training experience whether online or in-person. It involves going through a consultation process to determine exactly what your goals and barriers are. Followed by the bespoke delivery of that experience to guarantee moving forward towards the change you are looking for.

before and after of male gaining muscle in coventry

Muscle Gain Blueprint

Our elite program with specifically chosen methods to build muscle fast. This is done through daily accountability to ensure you hit your targets, elite nutritional guidance to maximise muscle synthesis and a program that fits your level and specific body goals.

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Rise with Marcus Personal Training in Coventry focusses on helping men and women rediscover their confidence through fitness. Whether you're looking to finally build the confidence to chat to those you lock eyes with, feel confident in your own skin, or become an absolute weapon, we have a program that's tailored to your unique needs and goals. With our personalized workout plans, nutrition coaching, and ongoing support, we're committed to helping you achieve your full potential and reach your fitness goals.

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Are you ready to rediscover your confidence and transform your body? Rise with Marcus has a certified personal trainer who is dedicated to helping men and women transform their body shape and confidence through personalized workout plans and nutrition coaching.