How to lose 50kg of fat.

Apr 09, 2024By Marcus Urbanski
Marcus Urbanski

Katie started with me in April 2021.

In our initial session she told me about how she felt like she could walk upright or look people in the eye because of how she felt.

How her soul had been destroyed by a difficult situation at home and how she felt she just could not get out of it herself.

How she felt invisible.

How the kids were getting in the way.

How she felt she didn't know enough about training and nutrition.

How there just wasn't enough time.

And how she didn't want to look stupid or hurt herself whilst training in the gym.

Now without sounding cocky, I know I can speak life into people.

I asked her.

"Well if all hope is lost, why are you here...why not just give up?"

"Because I don't want to feel this way anymore..."

And I knew this was the beginnning of one hell of a journey.

Because once someone has decided. 

No matter what is in front of them. they will not be stopped.

And we were going to find out if Katie was that type of person.

I once heard that once you start taking steps forward, the means will show themselves - getting a personal trainer was at the bottom of the list of things to try for Katie but very quickly she learned that this was her best investment ever.

Not because she saw instant results.

We were plagued with set backs.

But we always echoed one saying at every check in - "Look at the goddamn snow"

When a skiier is going down a hill, he is having a great time, not because he is looking it trees, if hes concerned with avoided this dangerous obstacles, all of a sudden it becomes stressful.

But by focussing on the path set out, and staying on the snow, all of a sudden the journey becomes fun.

Instead of avoiding unhealthy foods, how can we make healthy foods taste nicer.

Instead of looking at how kids take away time from training and nutrition, how can we include them in the journey.

Where did this lead us.

After working around a busy lifestyle, she fell in love with training and lost 50 kilograms and completely changed her mindset.

All of a sudden she could look people in the eye.

She could vaue herself.

Wear what she wanted.

Feel like a somebody.

and how having eyes turned on her was no longer a negative experience.

Now I know for some that sounds like it isn't possible.

Like it is far away.

I would urge you to see the snow.

And instead of looking at the mountain to climb, just focus on the very next step.

And if you don't know where to go, feel free to reach out to me.

Because of this journey, Katie also decided that she would like others to go through the same change that she had so now.

So now, not only will she change lives with her specific experience but she will also be getting paid more than £35,000 a year to do it.

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